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ASPI problems

Help damn thing wont install, followed all the instructions on how to do it.

Also downloaded the same program for the install from 6 different places, and get same results.

When i run it it just says cannot find specified path in the black window.

Run all three processes to do the install and rebooted then run aspi check and there's nothing there atall.

So can somebody suggest anything better way of doing it.

You need to run 'aspi.bat' first. This will put the qualifying files in the right directories, then you run 'aspi32.exe' to install the aspi layer.
I did run the bat first then the others, and still not installed.

When i ran the bat, it said cannot find specified path hit any key to continue,. so hit and says same thing.

It will not install and im no pro im puter thick so if anybody knows of another way to do it, please give me step by step instructions.

Many thanks
regards Cupid_Stunt
Ah, that's your problem. The aspi32.exe will only install if you have a qualifying product.

Do this, edit (open) the aspi.bat file and manually copy the target files to those directories, then run the aspi32.exe file.

here, put these files (in the files folder) in these destinations:

echo Copying aspi32.sys...
copy files\aspi32.sys %sYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS

echo Copying winaspi.dll...
copy files\winaspi.dll %sYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM

echo Copying wnaspi32.dll...
copy files\wnaspi32.dll %sYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32

echo Copying wowpost.exe...
copy files\aspi32.sys %sYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM
Sorry i opened bat file and tried edit ican see each line of text how you put it but how do i copy it and is it a cut and paste job,

told you i was thick,

How the hell do i copy it , its just a line of text,
May be easy to you but not to me.

OK get them in the right folders and then run aspi exe,
all ok then it rebooted and stopped on boot saying

Disc read error occured and press ctrl and so on to reboot so did that and it just goes back to saying that,

how can i get it to boot fully...
I don't think the two are related. Locking up and your aspi layer. The aspi layer is actually pretty passive until it's used.

According to your Private Message you said the aspi.exe said to reboot and you say, "so did that it booted up ok then 5 minutes later doing nothing on it and it locked up."

Try to boot into safe mode and run 'chkdsk c: /f' from the run box in your start menu. To get to safe mode, reboot, and just before XP starts to load start to hit the F8 key (just keep tapping it). This will give you the boot options to go into safe mode. Once there run the chkdsk command. It should give you a message that it needs to reboot to perform the check on your drive. Let it reboot again and check your drive for errors. Hopefully that will fix you up, but there's no gaurantee.
Many thanks for all your help,

Found out the Hdd is knackered.

wont boot, wont format, wont fdisk.
even in 3 other machines, so that will be going back to the store for a replacement.

But one good thing is now i know how to put in aspi manually.

Thanks best regards.....Cupid_Stunt
Oh man that really sucks. I hope you didn't lose something really important in the crash. Was there any indications it was going bad, or did it just die?

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