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ASPI Drivers


The Analog Kid
check adaptec's site for a program called aspichk32. It should tell you about what you have installed

or just download Nero's aspi layer and throw it in your win32 dir.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Doesn't make sense to me. With xp I think only two files get installed. It is working OK.....well it hasn't given me any grief but the checker says it is not installed properly.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Before starting this thread I did a forum search & found this page. I downloaded 'force aspi' & everything else there. :D I'll run that & see what it does........later today.

[edit] I won't run it. Just as I hit submit I remembered they are 4.60. I have 4.71.

I'll do that google. :D :D

[edit edit] OK I'll forget google & hit that link instead. :D :D :D

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Followed the link & found that I already downloaded the file. I think it still has the older driver. Might try & see if I can get 4.71 in there some how. Thanx for the help. Will keep trying to sort it out. :)

Gus K

NTFS abuser
With xp I think only two files get installed. It is working OK....
You only need the first and last files, the two in the middle don't apply. And for XP I would go for at least 4.70. No need for ForceASPI, Apaptec now allows use of it's ASPI for anyone, might as well get it from the source..

Was there a specific reason you need an additional ASPI layer?


Have the same problem as Hipster , run Aspichk and you get an error message on installation of aspi files.
Have tried to run a program from Grc .com that relies on Aspi layer to check the performance of zip discs.
Neither Aspi 4.60 or 4.71/2 have initialled on XP correctly, to allow recognition of the zip drive on this program.
Even forcing them makes no diff.

Worked fine in Win 98

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