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asp net machine A account??


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Could someone be able to tell me what this account means in my user accounts. Can I delete it? Is it the reason why my Fastuser switching/Logon screen comes on on Boot up, even though I am the only user on here?

Thanks in advance.

Hello. This account is added by .net. You should not remove it but you can hide it from the welcome screen / fast user switching.

The ASP.NET Machine Account is the account ASP.NET pages (.aspx,.ascx etc.) and .NET Webservices are executed under. This account is created by the .NET Framework installation while IIS is configured to run AP.NET web applications. Unless you want to develop and run ASP.NET pages on your local IIS installation deleting the account should have no side affects but I would recommend to delete the IIS Script mappings for the .aspx etc. extensions referring to aspnet_wp.exe as well.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Where do I find these script mappings do delete as well, Enyo? I am never going to use such a thing on this computer. I deleted the account as well. Can't find it in the Add remove programs.

Thanks Enyo.



Overclocked Like A Mother
I tried that acually. Still would not stop the logon screen. Tried disabling the Fast user services as well, nothing, still the same. That account did not come up on the logon screen, only mine by itself. If the two accounts would of come up together, then disabling it would of been accomplished.

U know me, E. I go about life the hard way, then I regret it at the end. :)


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