Ask me any question regarding my new Zune.


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4 Apr 2005
I will do my best to answer it. I upgraded from a 5G 30GB iPod.

Yes, I said upgraded. (a word subject to opinion)
My review I do not feel like rewriting at this moment.. maybe later I will rewrite for organization.
#1 I am pissed as hell I can not use WMP11 to sync to my Zune (apparently!) because I am a huge WMP11 advocate ( I hated iTunes so badly I rarely synched the damn iPod!!!) So hopefully the Zune software will not rub me the wrong way.

I love the fact is has a simple of a feature but ZOMG I love using it. It has trouble picking up smaller stations so I've decided to adorn one of these.

Verdict: People are staring, but I can pick up B96 100% when I could not pick it up at all without the hat - worth it!

The player itself has this thick-plastic case. Its the same size as an iPod fitted with an iGlove or some or protective case..but smaller than an iPod with one ofthose hard-plastic cases. I think M$ was onto something.. intially bigger in size but its protected much better, doesnt get fingerprints, and is the same size as anybody's iPod provided they care enough to protect it with a 3rd party device... except it doesn't look like dog****!

It FEELS lighter than my 30GB iPod.. even though its pretty much the same weight. I can't explain it. My hands are playing tricks on me..! The display is truly gorgeous and the animations are beautiful and unobtrusive (and FAST).

Playing songs while surfing around for new music: very fast. My iPod was a bit clunky and hesitant...

No comment on the battery life yet: it just charged 100% for the first time. It took about 2.5 hours.

I wish it had a touch-sensitive wheel - but after kicking the habit of rotating my thumb, it is a good way to navigate.

Navigation: friggin' awesome. way better than Apple's version. it was way too linear and restrictive..the Zune is easy. You can get to almost anything at any time from any menu in a very simple and obvious manner. I love it.

Havent even figured out how to turn on the WiFi yet.. not interested - nobody else will have one anyways

This concludes my sloppy review.....
You have to be kidding me? You can't use WMP to sync? That is BS.
So far, yes the firmware & hardware is superior to the iPod IMO.

I am just now testing the software. Ill try to get it to work in Vista..
IMO? - I think i got it, "In my opinion"?
That sounds great, maybe i will get one.
Wmp11 in vista or in XP?

Which environment are you using it in?
Testing it out in XP Pro SP2, using the Zune software. Works good, love the software except I ran into an issue where when I was quick-editing titles and track info it would randomly minimize. It could be MY fault so no hating yet.

I have yet to test it in any other environment.

The video conversion experience was good! I have lots of HD (1280x720) videos that I sync'd & it automatically converted them in pretty good time. No hassles.

I only have 2 albums that are missing copyright info and it won't sync them :( So I am looking for a DRM stripper or a converter. Not sure (help???) what to do.
Sounds, good :)
Still, i think when the technlogy has its bugs out, if it ever gets the bugs out, i will buy one on ebay. :)
When will homebrew software appear, if it exists?

Just interested, as there are alot of articles about portable stuff like Zunes and people sticking homebrew things on them. At least in UK magazines sometimes.
So will it work with WMP11 in teh future? ****ing DRM.
I don't want a Zune until it works with WMP11. I don't need, nor want another media player on my computer. I don't want a Zune until they fix all the widespread glitches I am reading about.

I'll buy Zune G3 in 2009.
I don't want a Zune until it works with WMP11. I don't need, nor want another media player on my computer. I don't want a Zune until they fix all the widespread glitches I am reading about.

I'll buy Zune G3 in 2009.

Good call, although I hope next year's version will be super kick ass.
Well the one thing that got me thinking about this M$ Zune crap is that whole beaming music from one Zune to the other. It still stops me from getting it due to the fact that its M$. DOnt get me wrong M$ does make some half decent items out there but then again im not so sure about it maybe a little more throughout the year of next there will be homebrew that appeals to me. That is the main reason why I got my PSP. We will see how you do M$ Zune we shall see.
I think the product is superior in several ways. But nothing is perfect the first time out (except me, I came out perfect).

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