Artic Silver?(breakin time)

After looking at their site about this and the apx. 200hr breakin time for AS -5 they recommend turning off the comp from time to time too. In the past I didn't worry about these recommendations too much. What's your take on this guys and gals?:rolleyes:


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i think he's talking about thermal paste, carpo. :)

i think you should ignore what you've read about the thermal paste unless you've either applied too much or too little when attaching your heatsink to your cpu.

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ah - i had same paste on one pc for near 5 years, temp is fine, if your that worried you can always take the heat sink of the cpu get the old paste of the cpu and put new stuff on, but it should be fine as it is, you will know if your or we are wrong if it burns itself out :p
I just applied new TIM. Stock amd heatsink. Temp is 40 C. Not that worried just wondering what you thought about breaking in the TIM recommended by their site. In the past I never paid any mind to what was on the site. On one of my other comps temps are 37c., and it's been a year since I last aplied AS/5. Thankyou everyone.:)


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he's talking about break in on the paste itself.. not breakdown of the paste over time.

And, yes, arctic silver does work a little better if you work through several hot/cold cycles when you first apply in (the break-in period). The hot/cold cycles allow the paste to get into some of the more microscopic pits and creates a little better surface contact between the surfaces.

Is it necessary? no.. still works fine if you don't go through the break-in cycles..

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