Artic alumina is rubbish


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14 Jul 2002
A word of warning for anyone desiding to use this stuff. It comes in two tubes and you mix it one to one. I bought this stuff today on advise from a shop called north east periferals in aberdeen/scotland. I was wanting to cool my athlon 2800 futher. I put it on my cpu and it actually heated it up to 60c. Not only that. When I tried to get the heat sink back off it was stuck like cement. I tried gently getting it off to no avail when it took half the cpu die off with the heat sink. My 2800 was screwed. I went back up to the shop adn complained but the owner felt that I'd used to much force so would'nt replace it. I did'nt. The only good thing he did was give me a 2400 replacment for £50 and told me that if I took it back in within two weeks un damaged he would refund the 2400 and let me use the £50 to put towards another 2800. I must say I'm very very anoyed at the shop. They've cost me a fortune.
You were using it incorectly. Arctic Alumina is designed to do things like attatch heatsinks to ram on your video card, or mosfetts on your motherboard. (hence why your CPU stuck to the heatsink.

For the application you meant you wanted something like Arctic Silver III or 5.
That's madness! Deary me.

I mean...why would you do something like that without checking the product out first, a simple google search would have found you this

Which states *Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive IS NOT intended to be used between a CPU and the CPU heatsink*

Does this look familiar?:

Read the word adhesive!

PS You might wanna change your sig!
PPS I dont mean to sound nasty but it was your own silly mistake.
PPS Why on Earth would the shop owner sell you an XP2400+ only to say you could bring it back in two weeks and he'll give you money off the next one you buy...sounds dodgy.
Your right. I should have checked. The shop should have checked 2 before they recomended it to me.

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