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Artec scanner driver problem


OSNN One Post Wonder
I`ve got an artec ultima2000 usb scanner but windows xp will not install the driver from the install cd. I`ve downloaded an updated driver from driverguide.com and I still get the same message from xp which reads warning this driver is not digital signed.
Any help in tracking down a suitable driver would be most appreciated.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Xenoboar said:
when you say it displays "warning this driver is not digital signed" does it give you a "yes" or "no" option? if so click "yes" to proceed with the installation of the driver.

Artec Ultima2000 USB Driver Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 (Courtesy of www.opendrivers.com)
Xenoboar Yes but when I click "yes" I get a blue screen stop message.
Thank`s for reply,pete1here@aol.com


OSNN One Post Wonder
HI. Recently went from Windows 98 to Windows XP Home Edition. Previously installed was Ultima 2000/1236USB ScanEZ that worked fine. Now when I attempt using the scanner, get the following: DUSB2AR Cannot Operate! 1. Please check whether the scanner connects to the computer. (It does) 2. Make sure that the scanner connects to the power, and the LED is on. (It is) 3. Note that you cannot connect the scanner to the bus power device. ((It isn't) Click OK Artec ScanEZ TWAIN error! Failed to open the TWAIN driver. Click OK. Is this a problem With the New Windows XP? Thanks, Marv


OSNN One Post Wonder
Pete1here. So your'e saying I should reinstall Window 98? So, can I just get a Windows 98 cd and run it over the Windows XP? Thanks, Marv

Have you checked the services running on your system ? I think I remember something similar happening to me once and it seems I had to go into services.msc to repair it. Something to do with a service being set as manual instead of auto. I will look into the old black viper files and post something if I can find it.

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