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Arrrrrgh WTF is going on?

I am watching my task manager. Just sitting idle... My cpu usage drops to 3% then jumps up to 34%. So when I do use it everything slows down. Started happening today. I haven't installed anything new.


Try this one

Use the top one if it doesn't show remove the .jpg and hit enter and it should work.
Here is a picture
Geocities sucks.... Sometimes the link works sometimes it doesn't and its p*$$ing me off to no end. :)


Cant see the pics , so i have no idea .....

The only thing you can do is watch taskmanager and see what Process is using all the CPU ...

Grab the name of it something.exe and do a google search on it


ya i know geocities

i used to use them too. the trick is to right click on the link to the file and choose save target as.

anyway, the shot you took shows some pretty weird behaviour, that's for sure. those spikes, jeez...

what you want to do, as suggested above, is to look at the other tabs in task mgr, the applications and processes tabs.

maximize the task manager window so you cab see them all. on the processes tab you are looking for something in the cpu usage column that is going up and down in value. if you are not sure, post a screenshot of the different tabs and i'll take a look.


well, i think you can see the only thing that stands out: the System process, which if you are doing nothing requiring processor time, shouldn't register anything.

don't freak, but could you try to capture the processes and the applications list in another screenshot? knowing it's the system process using up some resources isn't specific enough, you need to correlate that with the applications running at the time.



uh, don't mean to be mean about this, but who cares? Any slowdown is in your mind. CPU utilisation can affect things if it's constantly at 90+% running programs, not with idle memory management processing, which is what it is doing. Even if it were running at 100%, it'll manage just fine. My CPU is always at 100% due to united devices (see the links in my sig). Doesn't provide much of any performance hit though.
That was mean :) ... J/K...

I run UD as a screen saver, But you are correct when it was running all the time.. my CPU was at 100%.

My other computer is running UD also (screen saver mode) and my cpu isn't irratic like this one it.



I was under the impression that the CPU usage was giving you some headaches, ie. slow response times. If that is NOT the case, then Lactic is right, who cares?

But is the perceived increase in CPU usage is linked to a slowdown in response time, then it may be a clue as to, if not the cause of, the slow response.

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