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OK, I admit i'm not the sharpest person in the world of networking but here is the problem.

I have 3 PC's on my LAN. 2 of them run XP-HOME(NTFS), 1 is a older laptop running WIN-98SE. I have a Linksys router doing DHCP for the 3 PC's. I can see them listed in the DHCP logs in the Linksys setup program so I know they are there. The are all on MSHOME so I know thats right. All 3 PC's share the internet connection and all can access the internet, no problem. No one PC will see any other PC on the LAN. All 3 have only TCP/IP. I can PING 2 PC's from the main PC and see them both that way. Moving to another PC to PING the other 2 gives the same results. I just cannot share printers, folders, files etc. from any one PC to any other PC nor see any of them under"MSHOME". What tha hell am i missing!?!?

Thanks In Advance!


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3 Dec 2001
Check to make sure that the XP Firewall is turned off on the XP machines. Open Network Connections->Local Area Connection->Advanced and uncheck "Internet Connection Firewall. "

Also try typing \\COMPTUER NAME into the address bar and see if you can access the remote computer that way.



OK, I checked that, it was not enabled. I can now see the laptop(running 98SE) from 1 of the other computers, an HP,(they are both running XP-HOME) which is an improvement. I can get the HP to see the laptop and browse the shared files. I can see the other PC(lets say its name is PAIN) from the HP but when i click on PAIN in the HP's LAN connections window, it says its not available. PAIN is the only computer that won't cooperate now. It sees no others on the LAN nor will share any files with the others. I have mirrored the LAN settings in PAIN with the one on the HP but it does no good. PAIN can ping the others with the "ping 198.162.1.XXX" command and get a reply. PAIN does not have any problems with it internet connection. PAIN does have a printer setup to be shared but no others see it.
What a pain, PAIN is!:confused:

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20 Jun 2004
On the subject of pains printer, to get mine to be seen on other computers I had to change the share name to to the IP address of the machine it was on.

To clarify that a bit, whereas it would normally be called "pain\hp pile of crap" it would become "pain\"


PAIN is just not learning to play with others. When I try to "View Workgroup Computers" under the "My Network Places" tab, after about 30 seconds i get this:

Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission....blah,blah,blah.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.

So I changed the name, emptied all the boxes where MSHOME appeared, and re entered everything. Rebooted and....same old crap.

I'm gonna look at the settings in the router but i am pretty sure they are globally the same.

Thanks for thinking of ideas!


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24 Mar 2004
on the xp machines it has nt security, they are locked down against other access until you say they can let others in. 98 doesnt care that is why you can see its folders from xp machines. you have to create a user account on all 3 machines with the same name and password. then on the xp machines you have to share drives, folders, printers whatever manually through the object properties sharing tab. share to network by checking share this to nework inthe network sharing and security on bottom. it will ask about security click share anyway. then you can see the xp stuff from eachother and the 98 machine.


I can realize what you are saying. But it doesn't make sense. The reason is this:

The Toshiba laptop, running 98SE, can see the HP Pavilion, running XP-Home. The HP can see the laptop. Either of those two can share anything back & forth and are happy as can be.

The other(clone,PAIN) desktop, running XP-Home also, sees neither, won't share, doesn't like me.

I have made no changes on the HP. I have mirrored the network setting in the PAIN to the ones on the HP.

Your suggestion to make the same accounts on all 3 makes sense, but why are 2 of the 3 (1-XP, 1-98SE) getting along without any modifications?


ok start all the machines up
log in as administrator on 2 xp machines
log in as any account on 98 SE machine
open network control panel on 98 SE
set the subnet to
set the ip address to

on the first XP Machine go into network settings then TCP/IP YOUR NETWORK CARD NAME change the subnet mask to and the ip address to

on the second XP Machine get into the network settings change the subnet to and the ip to

share all your files that you want shareing take into consideration that NTFS Drives can't be accessed through 98. create a account called network with GUEST access on the two XP machines and a account called guest on 98 SE.

Share the printer

Hope this works


if you add any extra machines or laptops (quite likely) simply set the subnet to and the ip to your ip address should but doesn't have to be a consequtive number on the end so 10.0.0.X where X is a consequtive number


Internet Access:

you say you have internet access on all machines well this should stay the same.


what tha hell did i do to deserve this!


So, I have now upgraded ALL 3 Machines to WIN-XP Pro. They are all running NTFS.
The same problem is here!!!!!!
The laptop and the HP get along fine.
The PAIN(clone) will not see MSHOME.
I can ping both the laptop and the HP from pain and he gets internet and e-mail just fine. Also, can do IM's,online games, etc.
I can see all 3 from my DHCP in the router(named PAIN,LAPTOP,HPPAVILION)
The router is assigning the IP addressing. I can disconnect the active LAN connection, Delete it from the router, restart the PC, add a new connection back in, have it get an IP from the router, get on the internet, but will not see MSHOME. It says,as always "MSHOME is not accessible...blah,blah,yada,yada"

what da heck is goin on here?????


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18 Mar 2004
I had similar problems

I left my router assign the IP's using DHCP. I am using a wireless linksys and finally disabled the WEP. It may have been a coincidence or it could have been the one if not all of the following things I did to get the damn things to "see" each other and share everything. I first checked the connections with ping. The damn thing would ping one direction but not the other. I could ping from both directions up to the router but just not the whole way through from LT to DT. I disabled the XP firewall and performed a "net view" (without any specifics) after that it appeared that I could "see" both directions, the whole way thru. I then did a net view, using IP's and or computer names. Somewhere in the mess I used the worthless wizard to set up the network and told it that my computer conected directly to the internet (on both computers, the only way I could get it to work after a week of f'in around). After approx 3 to 5 restarts and one or two cold boots each, the miracle occurred and they could see each other on the same network. They could even share files, printers etc. Are you using firewall software? If so make sure your IP ranges are valid in you firewall and make sure that when you check your IP's (using properties) that they are being assigned via DHCP, not private address(es).


Looks like you have lots of help, I'm no Xpert, but I was having problems like yours. On the problem computer run network wizard. Thats all it took for me.



OK....Right now

Here is the ONLY thing thats screwy....

I CAN see all of the PC's from whatever PC i'm on.
Don't ask me why this is now, just believe it is.
The only problem is this......

The PC that has the printer I want to share with others(which just happens to be PAIN) asks for a password!!!! to use or install the networked printer.

I see in the box "Username...PAIN/guest"
Password... _________

I don't use any passwords!!!
I tried just hitting enter, no luck
I tried just typing something, no luck
i tried a large hammer, no luck

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