arp cache

if you goto network neighborhood
right clikc on the nic and goto properties or sutin like that there is a repair option...
i goto the repair option it says...
"the following steps of the repair operation failed: Flushing the ARP cache. "

how the hell do i flush the arp cache
i thought arp cache is stored in routers not pcs


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is everything working ok? On XP I always get an error when I run the repair connection option, never concerned myself with it since a) I barely ever do that, and b) everything works fine. What does arp -a return from the command line.
well i cant connect to ebay or certain websites
see my other forum post very odd issue :)
noone was reading it anymore so i reposted cause i never noticed this before
i dunno if it could be related or not im gonna reformat anywayz soon
i just like figuring out things like this :)
now arp cache is for routers rite?

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