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Army Ops (txt)

I have attatched a text document that explains many of the edits you can preform on the newly released game "Army Ops". I made it myself, so if anyone finds a problem with it I would be pleased to hear from you....If you want to join our channel on IRC it's (efnet #Armyops)



i think you guys just dont like realistic games =p

i think it rocks because of its realism. no, you cannot jump 2 stories down and survive. no, you cannot run 35mph. no, you cant reload in 5ms, sorry. for those of you looking for plasma cannons, go play half life or whatever.



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well.. the basic thing is the graphics are a little iffy/heavy duty slowing down my pc

nw I have a newer rig I might be able to play it better...

I like realistic games but things like deer hunter are popular because?

anyways... I've plaed worse... and the overall aspects are not too bad

I did delete it once... but I have kept it now...

Does anyone has a download link where you can download the normal version of AA? On nVidia site I can only find the '11-pieces' version and I don't like that. I'm now downloading it through KaZaA, but I might as well go to the server itself, as it goes very, very, very slow. (avarage download speed of 0.59 KB/s and that with cable!)
I have played it for two weeks, at first I thought it was great, but after a while you just get fed up of trying to tell who is my team mate, as all the maps are quite dark. It could be one of the best but it needs about another year of updates, it should have been lanched as a beta, to many bugs not engough servers etc

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Well, I'd just like to get past the rifle range, My scores good enough but i cant save the game. Any me email with password etc still hasn't arrived.


Yeah i'm pretty fed up with it now, it's too dark, make me feel well ****. The best part is the training, after that it goes down hill.

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