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Armed and Famous

Anyone heard about this new reality show from CBS? Saw some clips here: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/armed_and_famous/ It looks like exactly the kind of TV I love, random primo celebs thrown together to complete police academy in Indiana. Erik Estrada is on the show, which cracks me up, doesn't he have an unfair edge from pretending to be a cop for all those years? Anyone gonna watch this?
The show does look rather silly, it's mostly about has-been celebrities trying to get back on TV.
You are aware that they actually train to be police officers and will actually be sworn in. That after the show - they will still be police officers. Silly, yes, but definitely entertaining. I found a clip of the cast at the firing range, damn that Osbourne kid can shoot! http://www.broadcaster.com/video/player.php?clip=6356

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