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I agree! Can't wait for the spring/summer to set in!
Actually we have no snow where I am located in Norway right now...dream abot an early summer:D


Was LadySunshine
hehe... yeah, hopefully by spring time my car will be in one peice again...

I'm driving around in a crappy little beater car and my car is in a body shop in a lot of peices getting a paint job and some rust repairs done.

So I am HOPING that it'll be ready around April. With the work that was needed, they said it'll be there a while, so I told them to just keep it over the winter and took the plate off and insurance too. There was no reason for it... I wont drive that car in this weather anyway!

I attached a pic of the car in a million peices now... its an older pic but thats my "baby". :)

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Call that snow !!!

Why I can remeber when I were a lad, we had snow...............

oooooooooohh at least 5mm thick :)

You just don't get the stuff in cornwall, but you get ice :eek:

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Cardboard box, luxury

We had to live in a hole in the road and eat hot gravel for our tea.

( by the way, I know the whole sketch !! ) God, I need help.

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Originally posted by LadySunshine
...and now the posts gets strange.. hehe

Sorry :) British humour, Famous sketch, goes on for about 10min, the claims of a deprived child hood get more ridiculous as it goes on.


I used to get in the morning, half past ten at night, half an nour before i went to bed, eat a freezing cold lump of poisin, go and work a 28 hour day down pit.. and pay pit owner to work there

etc etc..

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