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woooo soccer just ended to see the colts make a comeback, and after that the panthers gonna beat up on on some eagles (at least i hope, none matter to me because the falcons are not playing)

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I had a quick look at the first site didn't work, the second did tho. I know its NFL so us football, but why is this a big game?

superbowl related or something ?
You blokes across the pond really need to learn some of this "football" stuff. My Patriots are gonna kick some Panther *ss in the super bowl. Two weeks.


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I gotta go with the Pats also... Sorry PseudoKiller :(, It's kinda like what Manning went through... Real ugly.

This attachment kinda sums up the days events (yeah yeah, not the same teams but ya get the picture. :p).

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Don't get me started. You know I am a rugby nut.
(ie not some ponce who has jumped on board cos england won the world cup and now travel all around the country for oh, just perhaps a glimse of johnny wilkinson)


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Didn't catch the Eagles game, but I did watch a majority of the Patriots game. I hope that the Super Bowl is exciting, but I'm a bit worried that it will pale in comparison to the first playoff weekend a couple of weeks back.

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