Are there any good and free programs for Mac OS ?


I may actually be insane.
^What reg said. Version Tracker and Mac Update are your friends.
But to list some of the things I use.. - ported apps, such as Wget and a cocoa front end. - IRC client based on X-Chat - FTP Client - P2P Client uses the KaZaAaAaAaA network - The daddy-o of video playing ;) - lots of small apps, some aren't free. - CD Burner that supports .bin/.cue \o/

It's hard to just list a load of apps, if you tell us what function you're after (ie: FTP, Media Player...etc) then we can give you some suggestions :)


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I want to find a cool theme app .Can u help me?

Others just llike the most popular web browser,media player?Thanks !


I may actually be insane.
Some strange people like OmniWeb, ( I see no point when Apple's native browser does an excellent job and (of course) for free.
As for Media, Mac OSX comes with iTunes (and is available for OS9, to my knowledge) which plays music, some formats aren't natively supported, however can be added via the relevant libraries.
For video media, there's QuickTime which can play all your video's including DivX etc with the right codecs. For media that QuickTime can't play there's VLC which I mentioned in my last post, everyone that I know uses it. Also MPlayer is a nice VLC alternative (


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Thanks Speedy_B,u always help me to slove my problems.Can u tell me how do u design your website?Which apps are needed?Do u just make them on your mac os x 10.3?Thanks again!

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