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Are Games Getting Boring?

Is it just me - or ar games getting to be a bit of a let down. I mean - when was the last time you played - to the end - a really great game.

Maybe im getting too old now (27), but i remember the good old days of the Zx Spectrum (Manic Miner, Jet Pack, F117A), the Amiga , (Kick off, Gods, Lemmings, James Pond, Lotus esprit, Stunt car racer etc (and on and on)), the Snes (Mario), Nintendo 64 (Mario Kart (highly underrated)), and even the PC - which had Doom, Half Life, Civilisation etc...

(Hehe - The Amiga ROCKED for gaming)

Yet nowadays there arent as many good games, there all rehashes of previous games, all glitter and no gold. Maybe its like Football, it was better when there was less money and more risk taking?

Am I right or wrong? And just how much did the Amiga rock...



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I am currently roxoring with Enemy Territory :)

titles are more expensive to produce nowadays unfortunately and more risk is involved...

BUT.. there still are some good titles out there...


I may actually be insane.
yipyip, games are boring as hell.
The PS2 sucks harder than a turbo powered Dyson, and you need a stupidly fast/expensive PC to get the most out of today's PC Games.


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Originally posted by Geffy
you dont get games with the same level of passion put into them anymore
grand theft auto ?


the next big ones... max payne/deus ex/half life...

they should all be kewl...

doom was never known for being story driven... lol... so will have to wait on that one...

and quake of course is another big one coming out...
i've actually gotten into Rise of Nations. Pretty cool game from the greedy biotches that brought you Age of Empires, another classic.


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I'm not bored with gaming & I'm 36
currently hooked on a game called Impossible Creatures
its an RTS with a difference
before you play multiplayer you have to create your army
of two combined creatures
from a dna pool of animals ranging from the ant to the elephant
with only 9 slots available for your army
choose your combined creatures carefully

Relic have recently released a free mod called insect invasion
which makes the game even more varied

my favourite combos' at the moment are

level 1 ~ garden spiders head with spitting cobras body (11 bite)
level 2 ~ termites head with walking sticks body (special ability ~ infestation, regeneration, camoflaged with an 8 bite)
level 3 ~ chameleons head with a lioness body (special ability ~ regeneration, camoflaged and pack hunter ~ with a 12 tongue attack, 4 bite, 4 claws)
level 4 ~ dragon fly with kangaroos back legs (attack melle of 36)
level 5 ~ sperm whales head with the body of a lobster (special abilities ~ barrier destroy, regeneration and sonic pulse with a melle attack of 42)



I guess there are some games (very much like music) that kind of stick to you through time.
One of my all time favorites are the Age Of Empires games, the original and the Roman add-on. For that you do not need a monster computer... Just love the concept..

I have a relaxing passion for tha game... when I play it it is like seeing an old friend again.. (Gee!!!.... I really have to get out more!!! :) )


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Originally posted by TheBlueRaja
Anyone for something that isnt a 3rd person shooter?

Grand Theft Auto is an exception - a truely great game worth of the praise.

But we are struggling here....
everyone likes differnet games... I like fps's... so sue me :)

honestly speaking.. there are some really good games out there that appeal to everyone... you just have to find your niche product :)


Originally posted by Sazar
everyone likes differnet games... I like fps's... so sue me :)

honestly speaking.. there are some really good games out there that appeal to everyone... you just have to find your niche product :)
True... I agree.
And I have discovered that I will follow my niche and adjust my computer after that.. It has been proven that it will save me alot of money. :D
I like graphic quality over speed. Most games I play are 2D...so..


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Definetly not.

I think right now is one of the best times to be a gamer, ever. There are currently 3 consoles out there, and they are completing fiercely, and each system has several must own titles...need examples?

PS2 - GTA series, GT4, Virtua Fighter 4, etc

Gamecube - Mario, Zelda, Metroid

Xbox - Halo 2, Project Gotham Racing 2, Star Wars KOTOR, Fable, etc

Now on PC you are getting HL 2, and Doom 3, Dues Ex 2, mostly shooter, but definetly worth buying and playing if they live up to their expectations.


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Ya games are getting boring the only game i play is Counter-Strike lol. Nothing better else to play. I got Wc3 and its boring, Morrowind, eerr ionno its aiight, and splinter cell is to short. PS2 and gamcube are getting boring. So ionno what to say, games are gettin old, or is it just me?
you know... I agree and I dont...

there are alot of games that do suck... but there are also some kick ass ones... Id agree with most everyone in here, especially 0_87 and Sazar...

one game I am really into right now is age of mythology, and that has a pretty nice expansion coming out soon

but id agree that it is a semi-low period for gaming... the last 'epic' I played was Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Gamecube, BUT the horizon holds some promise (half life 2, max payne 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Oblivion Lost, among others)

so, if we can hold out for a while... I really think that things will be much sexier...

(did I say 'agree' enough up there? lol :eek:)
Well, there are a couple games that i love/probably will love.


Wind Waker - played it, beat it, still love playin it. Still like how people said that it is the suckiest addition to the zelda series based solely on cell shading which cut back on graphic quality but GREATLY increased every other aspect of the game.

Soul Calibur 2 - Plan on buying..... when it's released. Nother great return of Link on Gamecube. heard he is awesome in SC2. I'm not the one for demo's or shareware, but i got HOOKED on the game playing a demo at a local Best Buy store.

F-Zero GX - Nother game i plan on buying either when it comes out or not too long after. just love F-Zero, and that is that.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Good addition to the Final Fantasy series.... FOR GAMECUBE!!!! betcha Sony never saw that one coming, did they? Read a review that the game is gonna be a pain to beat, since every spell requires a certain kind of crystal to cast. Also has some Zelda like puzzles put into the game. ...... is it just me or does Zelda impact just about every other game in some way, shape, or form?


Half-Life 2: it ain't the greatest FPS for nothing.... and by the looks of it, it will make a BIG BIG BIG debut when it's released, meaning that it will hardly be available till more than likely after X-Mas time. i'll still buy/pre-order it.

Doom 3: Not my personal favorite FPS series, but figured i'd put it in here since Doom was always a good game. graphics look sweet as hell too.

Arcturus: never played it, never seen a video from it, but it's made by Gravity (Same company that makes Ragnarok Online, which is a GREAT RPG for those of u who do not know). from screenshots i've seen, looks like it will be a very entertaining game. just can't figure out if it is out yet or has not been released yet.
Yup - I am looking forward to playing Half Life 2, Doom III is a to be proven type game at the moment. I think a lot of people are getting carried away by the GFX there.

I just need a couple of games to really engage me again i suppose - and summer is sooo crap for new games.

Anyhoo, i think im off to look on Ebay for an Amiga... ;)


as i said before in other thread, getting too old i am 19 and all games are boring for me now i only have them isntalled because of my friends. i got 9700 pro and they lvoe playing games on it.
my last interesting game was ff8. since then none of the games can bring up feeling like ff8 did. :). doom3 might be a diffrent story i want excitement and fear. also no movies make me scared anymore :)
Original Quote by Ice-Freezer:
also no movies make me scared anymore
Hehe, Thats a whole other thread - i was talking about this the other day too, when was the last time we had an Alien type movie that really did its best to scare the living crap out ya. Instead today you get "Teen" movies, like I know what you did last summer.




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