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Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro


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Finally getting it for my system, it should quiet the whole system down. And as soon as I get my hands on a gig or two of DDR500 I will be able to OC summore.

A write up will follow on install and performance.


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quite a few of us already have an AC Freezer 64 Pro (Sazar and myself included). in my mind, it's a pretty good cooler. when you get it, don't expect much of a temperature drop (if any) after installing it, because it's not supposed to drop temperature, just keep it down.


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riiiiiiight...... forgot i wanted to try to OC my 3700+ a tad more. right now it's at 2.4 from it's stock 2.2 (auto 10% OC from the mobo BIOS).

oh, and like i said with the "keeping the temp down"..... the 200mhz increase didn't make a dent in idle or load temp really.... maybe 1 or 2 degrees at MOST.


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Just installed mine, had to lapp the bottom surface. AC5, clipped in easily, cept the clip being on the wrong side of the board....

Fits nice, all I had to do was remove the extender part of the upper cooling duct that just snaps in to make it fit my Antec 1050B case.

Running F@H now letting it set into the AC. 95F with a case temp of 77F.


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u should really do stuff in Celcius more often...... saw 95 and i thought "HOLY HELL YOU DID SOMETHIN WRONG!". lol.

and you CAN turn the cooler. jus gotta basically take the mounting bracket that's on the cooler apart (the one screw that's in the latch is all), but have to make sure you know EXACTLY how everything was put in there. i honestly didn't mind having to take my PSU partially out in order to have enough hand room to snap it down.

I have my AC Freezer 64 pointing towards the back of my case, so that the air from the fan also passes through the little passive heatsink/heapipe cooler for the chipset, and then i have a 120mm fan in place of the 92mm fan that used to be in the back of my case pulling the air out. think this is the only time i've ever had a setup where my CPU and chipset are usually around 4 degrees apart from each other. right now my CPU is at 31C, and my chipset is at 35C.


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Same as the case temp.

Just got a machine check exception, but that I believe is from the RAM and the tight timings I have on it with a overclock.

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