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[Arcade] problem with writing scores


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Running Safari I can't get any scores in the Arcade to write to the High Scores page after I finish a game. The page loads to http://forum.osnn.net/arcade.php, but is blank.

Running Camino I get better success, but not 100%. Is this a known issue with these browsers?


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Is this after you've beaten your previous score?

If you don't beat your previous score, you should get the blank page. I think its a bug, because it's supposed to redirect you back to the game.


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No, I had never played the Yeti games here before and the first time I played I couldn't record my score.


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Did your score rank in the top 10? If not then you will see a blank screen (it is a bug as GM said).


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Hmm... didn't check to see if I broke into the Top 10. That could be the issue. Once I did break the 1st Place record and the page didn't forward at all, but that's the only time I've had that happen. Convenient timing, huh? ;)

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