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arabic trance remix!


High On Life!
here check out this nice ass trance song done by an egyptian dj called dj zalouma which means the trunk on an elephant. well its called emotions and it was posted on the net by him so dont worry there is no wrong dueing here if u download it, its not warez or anything!!:p he turns the electronic sounds into a cool tabla beat, ( tabla is an arabic music intrument its like a drum but a lil different, but its tight as **** though) anyways ull know when it changes into the tabla.
here is the link

Info: 128kbps 4:11 play time:happy:
http://www.videohat.com/djcorner/../djhat/DJ Zalouma FDJ_Zalouma_-_Emotions.mp3 thats the link i dont know why the url changes when i put it in the tag???
edited to fix link


High On Life!
that is the link just copy it and paste it in ie also if it doesnt work just click on this link and go down to dj zalouma its called emotions. so plz download it and tell me what u think!dj corner

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