Arabic Style (Shi sha And Shawerma)


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so, all the random threads and what i ate today made me think about making a thread like this, so Shi Sha for whoever doesnt know what it is, it is this tobacco thing kinda looks like a bong ( i think in the states they call it a hooka), but is just water at the bottom and tobacco (mostly fruit tasting) at the top and a hose to smoke from, and shawerma is like an arabic sandwich of meat (can also come as a plate) (chicken or beef) grilled and with some arab condiments, EVERYONE loves shawerma, white folks, black, arab (duh) EVERYONE, so im wondering how many of you guys have actually tried and like/dislike these arab things

Shawerma Stand

Huge Shawerma Stand!

Shawerma Sandwich

Shi Sha
i luv shwarma, esp chicken with that white sauce, chilli sauce and ketchup. my fav hooka is the apple flavoured, but i prefer cuban cigars but my parents dunt allow me to smoke em coz im only 16! lol


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best shi sha i smoked was in egypt, it was cantelope! YUMMY was soo light i felt i was eating a cantelope. but they have every type of flavor! Coca-cola, cappachino, grape,cocktail,mango, every single fruit u can think of!


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dont know what u mean by donor kebab, but its tiny slices of meat that are in the wrap with tehena and somtimes pickles, depends on where u go, some put french fries, ( I LOVE THAT) and some put some green vegie leaf, dont know the name
french fries mixed with fool! yum lol. i love shi sha even tho i promised my self to stop it but in washington DC last winter i had sooooo much. i got like this cocktail mix of mango and apple and everything and it actually wasn't as great as i thought so im sticking to one fruit now!
donor kebab stands usually have a cylinder of processed lamb or chickin ona spit rotating infront of a heater much like in the first image. its sliced with the same knife in the first image.

However rather than being wrapped its put in pita bread along with salad and optionally mayonnaise, chili sauce, garlic sauce, mint sauce.

I have one now on my desk so I'll take a shot with the webcam so you see what I mean. Mine is without sauce though..


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well since one of my best friends is Syrian I have eaten and tried tons of middle eastern foods especially the schwarma (sp?) which I first ate when he and I were in Amsterdam. The hooka (sp? again) he brought back from syria was amazing and he paid next to nothing for it. I will pretty much try anything from other countries unless it is explicitly said to be pork but most of the stuff his family has me try is the best. Falafal is the other thing that is my favorite that his mom gets for me sometimes from this place on the north side of chicago. good!


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looks like a mix of Gyros and Schwerma, I'm assuming they are very similar since both originating places these foods came from are very mediterranean
Elektro Slime said:
hey ~bk u hav shwarma in canada, and mafia thanx 4 tellin me the name of that white thing!
yea man of course we have shawarmas here, this place is full of irani people they have kabbabs shawarma anything i only saw 2 lebanese shops till now though and that's it

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