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Aquamark 3


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Aquamark 3 is a dx8/dx9 benchmark and is quite visually stunning.

If you have dx8/9 video cards this benchmark will give you a generic idea of your cards performance.

The homepage for the benchmark is www.aquamark3.com

Benchmark download links are available here : mirrors

please refer to the guidelines before posting. Thank you.


hardware monkey

winxp home sp1
athlon xp 2500+ @ 2083mhz (12.5x167)
abit nf7 1.0 (nforce2)
gf4 ti4200-8x 128mb @290/582
2x512mb pc3200 @ 333mhz 5-2-2-2.0
40gb ibm 120gxp, 120gb maxtor diamondmax plus 9

new benchmark for me. not sure what to post, exactly.

view: http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?run=1883943857

AquaMark Score: 27992
AquaMark CPU Score: 7025
AquaMark GFX Score: 3495
Average FramesPS: 27.992
Average TrianglesPS: 9327 K


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windows xp sp1
pentium 4 3.0c 800mhz qdr
corsair XMS cas2 ddr3200 @ 400mhz 2-3-3-6
msi 865PE Neo2 FISR
dual maxtor 80gb hdds, 8mb cache, 7200rpm spindle
ati all in wonder 9700pro @ 324/310 mhz


Cpu = 9906
Gfx = 4860


-edit- I have no idea why the processor is showing as more than 3.0ghz.. I am not oc'ing anything :confused: I spose msi has upped the volts et al on the mobo stock ? only thing I can think of... my fsb == 200 as it should be...


hardware monkey
Originally posted by Sazar
-edit- I have no idea why the processor is showing as more than 3.0ghz.. I am not oc'ing anything :confused: I spose msi has upped the volts et al on the mobo stock ? only thing I can think of... my fsb == 200 as it should be...
it's quite common for mobo manufacturer's to have the fsb on their boards 1-2% over spec (1.9% in your case). it makes for better scoring in comparison reviews.


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yes but it reads as 3.0 on sandra and other tools...


I dunno if its just the way AM3 reads the data...
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ CR: 1673 MHz
SRAM: 512 MB OS: Microsoft Windows XP
GFX: RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700 CM: 277 / 270 MHz

# 1 AquaMark
Score: 27100
CPU: 5069
GFX: 3699
FPS: 27.10
TPS: 8157 K


Jeez, almost twice the rating on SAZARs P4. I knew I was holding off on an AMD upgrade for a reason...

EDIT Using the new 3.10 Catalyst
Score: 27371
CPU Score: 5117
GFX Score: 3735
FPS: 27.372
TPS: 8239 K


About 1% higher, BUT I now have full Homeworld 2 Stability and compatibility. The new 3.10 added OpenGL shaders.


F@H - Is it in you?
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yah I looked @ a lot of benches and read lots of info before buying this..

was a few seconds away from pulling trigger on a 3200+ system... but sanity prevailed...

besides @ the moment intel has better dual channel implementation than amd does...

if the athlon64 systems were $100 cheaper I woulda got that though...
See the Sig....:D

But just in case...

AquaMark Score: 42516
AquaMark CPU Score: 7885
AquaMark GFX Score: 5820
Average FramesPS: 42.517
Average TrianglesPS: 12798 K
Average PixelPS: n/a


OSNN One Post Wonder
Question for anyone out there. Anyone have experience with Aquamark crashing on them at final explosion? My current build is as follows:
AMD 3700
MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum
MSI X800 TD256
2 X 512GB Corsair

I run it on my old system with same memory, but ATI X800XL, P4 2.6, and Asus MB and I get a score of around 40000. However my new system crashes at the last possible bit and I get the following error message:
Termination: Exception Caught
Code: Exception_Access_Violation
Info:The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

3dMark runs on both systems and I tried switching the memory, and still got the same error. I am leaning towards the vid card, but not sure if it could be a MB problem.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Wow... talk about thread mining...

As far as it crashing, could be a corrupt installation or a driver problem.

On a further note, Aquamark is really really outdated. The bench is extreamly CPU limited and doesnt really test your entire system anymore.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Sorry,about raising the dead, but I am really stumped about what to do. I guess I can try resetting the vid card, reinstalling the drivers and dl aquamark again. Hopefully one of those will work.

So, would you say the 3dmark05 is a better tool to evaluate a newer system?


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Absolutely, I would say 3Dmark06 is even better if you can even run it.

Keep in mind however, the 3Dmark series is for 3d rendering performance comparison. If you are really looking for a benchmark for overall PC performance, not necessarily gaming then you might want to look elsewere. 3Dmark 06 is a little better in this respect, in that it has some CPU tests and does a better job of testing other components. But at the end of the day its still a game benchmark.

Electronic Punk

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I don't think Aquamark is really maintained anymore, if 3DMark runs fine then I expect its actually Aquamark at fault - even happened with 3DMark at one point, but an update fixed it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Roger that, thanks for the information. I will probably try to dl aquamark again to see if maybe I got a bad dl. If it still doesn't work, I will look elsewhere then.

Again, thanks for the info.
It's not your system. I just ran aquamark 3. First time on this machine, AMD 64 XP 2700 and X800XL.

Aquamark crashed at the final screen with the same error message you got.
I'm betting it's the ATI drivers so don't waste any time chasing it.

BTW It was worth running the old benchmark again. It ran so fast on this new machine I nearly fell out of my chair from vertigo a couple times.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Well, thank you all for replying to my post. I thought for a bit that my MB or Vid Card were bad.
Lee, what old benchmark are you refering to???
Aquamark 3. I have not used it in over a year. That's old in computer life I use 3dmark05 and 3dmark06 now. It was a kick seeing my new setup breeze through all the tests at 100 fps. Shame it crashes at the end.

Just 18 months ago my system would struggle through Aquamark.

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