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I'm trying to make my PC system look as spiffy as the nice Macs I use all day. A popular name 'Aqua' also being the name of the MacOS theme seems to be the closest to what I have in mind. Currently I'm using Style XP using the 'Panther' theme, but I'd like to find a nice icon set, I remember seeing a very cool icon set on these forums a while back but I can't seem to find it now. Any suggestions on software, alternate themes or icon packs would be great!

Also looking for 'Aqua' theme for Firefox!


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Thanks, the image below is how I have it setup at the moment, I'd like to center the icons in the bottem though. I'll take a read through that page.


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Why not just use a dock? :confused:

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Hey man thanks for the info.

I decided not to use a dock at all, I'm just not ready for it :D I tried using it for today and it was just to hard for me to get used to all at once, I kept looking on the bottem for my task bar. So back to the start menu on the bottem, although I kept a Panther theme, the Icon packs, and a few custom bars and buttons I liked.


I may actually be insane.
Heh, docks are strange to get used to. I think that ObjectDock is the easiest, I used it now and then on windows.

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