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April Showers?!


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I certainly hope this is not going to be another super-soaker-summer here in the NE US. This is the second time since Hurricane Ivan in Sept that the rivers are raging out of their banks.
Good pics here if you are interested... http://wnep.com
...click on the "April Flooding Slideshow" link.


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Yeah I'm hoping the same thing. Seemed like at least 1 thunderstorm and rain most every day of the week last spring/summer. We have some good flooding around here already as well. :(
I'm in Jacksonville, FL. Yeah, I'm hoping for less rain too. We had so much last year that trees fell over because their whole foundation turned into mud and their roots had nothing to hold on to. Although, it was my first year in FL last year, and the hurricanes were a little neat. :)


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We might get freezing ass winters up here, but our summers are just great. Flowers are already popping up at my parents' place. Temp is in the 50s - 60s. Very very comfortable.
I just hope we don't get hit with anymore hurricanes or rainstorms everyday like last summer. Ivan dumped about 2-3 inches of water in my gram's basement and she lives on the side of a frickin mountain here in PA (ok so most of the county here is up one mountain or down the other). My one brother and me ended up sweeping water into the sump pump wells for a few hours and picking up all the wet carpets and tossing em into a sink in the basement then cranking on a fan at the top of the stairs to dry out what ever couldn't be swept into a pump well (we waited till the sump pumps stopped going off constantly before checking the basement and discovering a thin layer of water all over the basement floor and water marks up about 2-3 inches on the stairs, and other stuff)


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Here in california we just had a thunderstorm blow through.... rained about half an inch.... its about 70 degrees outside.... Yeah it really sucks :laugh:

I just cant wait for the 110 degree summer... oh joy............. :dead:


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Jewelzz said:
Both daughters are in NE US, one in Jersey the other in PA. They say the flooding is pretty bad now :(
We have spots here in upstate NY that are under state of emergency. :dead:
Jewelzz said:
Both daughters are in NE US, one in Jersey the other in PA. They say the flooding is pretty bad now :(
We had flash flood warnings for parts of the area and some roads got closed in parts of PA for a bit when we got hit with rain on the weekend. (and to think this is only the beginning of April. we still have to make it through to june/july and pray that the usual annual summer drought that hits this part of PA comes to dry the area back out) So yep it's already shaping up to be a crudtastically wet year in PA.


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Jewelzz said:
Both daughters are in NE US, one in Jersey the other in PA. They say the flooding is pretty bad now :(
Hope they stay high and dry for you! The big river by me, the Susquehanna River, just crested yesterday afternoon at Wilkes Barre at 30.94 feet. This is a river that normally runs at about 3 to 4 feet.

Wasn't quite sure if the bridges would be open to get to work...not that it would be a bad thing :rolleyes: Lots of roads closed and just plain missing from washouts. I guess it could have been worse, though.

Ferral_Imp is right, I hope the usual summer dry spell does come this year, it didn't last year. I think it rained almost every weekend last spring/summer(probably because we bought a soft top Jeep last year).

Funky dredd...I don't need to water my back yard anymore, since it is now a swamp with a swimming pool in the middle :laugh:

Seriously, hope everyone that is in or has friends/relatives in the affected areas stays safe!


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As an atmospheric scientist, I can appreciate everyone's concern for the current weather/floods in the NE. Models are predicting that this summer should be a relatively normal one for most of the US. If you are interested in knowing about storm reports in your area, click on the link below.


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