April 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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April 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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nice one carpo!

heres mine.. stupid vista has made me a graphics whore (but the thing is pretty) :]

Here's my Slackware laptop for this month

(3000th post:))
This is a robot that I built together with a partner for RBT353. Robot War games. It is known as a SumoBot, and the name is exactly what they do. Two go into the ring, and each robot based on it's sensors has to push the other robot out.

Picture is copyright Sean Hillmeyer 2008.


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it wise to have so many scene release's showing on your desktop ? - cams too at that :speechless:
it wise to have so many scene release's showing on your desktop ? - cams too at that :speechless:

Those are all fake. There are just empty files inside. I was using my laptop to show a DVD movie at one point, and I wanted to see what kinds of reactions I would get.

The reactions are very different. Some people were surprised at the amount of downloaded movies, the other reaction was pissed off (my school has a strict digital citizenship policy), and some people follow that to the letter.

Edit: Cleaned up my desktop. Uploaded the new picture in place of the other one.
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i was shocked at the cams - they are norm absolute crap copies anyway....so im told :devious:
my desktop above was an April fools :p here is my real desktop

Netflix for the win. I'd rather get an actual DVD and watch it than download most movies.

Same here, i used to download all, gets annoying, but I have to use Zip.ca instead of Netflix because it not in my area.

my desktop above was an April fools :p here is my real desktop

There was no difference...
No I don't, the wallpaper changed and that was about it...
yes so different dtop :p - im not rich like you and cant afford windows blinds to change themes and stuff so aero is what i am stuck with
you don't need to be rich, you can hack Vista, and well I didn't end up buying WB, so HAA
xp for April


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