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apps to connect to a radio station? exist?


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i was just wondering if its possiblew to copnnect to a radio station on a computer... i dont mean an online stream, i mean a proper actual radio station such as 108.FM

i am in the uk


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is it a local FM station?

if so all you need is a receiver and you can purchase some tv tuners with FM receivers... no sure off the top of my head if there are dedicated FM receivers by themselves...


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yeah i live in hartlepool and the station is in sunderland.

tv chooner with fm recievers? whats that where would i get 1 and how much?



i got a winfast xp 2000 Tv tuner that has FM radio built in. But i dont even use the radio bit.... but one of those would be round emm $100AUD which is round 40 quid for you guys


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40 quid just to have radio on ya comp? thats a bit more than i was expecting it to be i am only planning on listening to 1 radio station but am sick of using my cd player thing lol... i like 2 use my computer for everything :p


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Haven't they got an online stream?

You can get a TV card with FM capabilities, which is quite expensive, or you can get dedicated radio tuners which usually connect through USB, which is again, quite expensive. Well they're not really expensive, just not worth the money if you see what I mean :D


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well on windows media player they have a radio thing on it. I listen to the radio everyday at school during class.

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