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Apps misbehaving after reformat


Stranger Than Fiction
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Hey all,

I reformated last month and have basically got my system back to the way it was, got all my settings and stuff back. Thus far I've only noticed two occurances that I find a little annoying. First off when I minimize WMP9 it no longer goes into the cool miniplayer mode on the taskbar .. instead it just minimizes like any other window. The next prob is with wordpad .. I think I'm the only person who still uses this, but I'll ask anyway. Basically whenever I read anything or type anything into wordpad it just shows up as one line, I mean it doesn't return down to the next line or format the text right. You can imagine how difficult it is to read a long readme if its all on one line. I don't know how these progs got wrong settings and I don't know how to stop it, any advice?

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
For WM9 right clcik on taskbar .. go to toolbars and check on media player

for word pad go to edit or format cant remember and check wordwrap on
first problem : right click the taskbar, toolbars, windows media player check it and you will ahve the mini-player back.

2nd problem: sorry no idea


Wordpad > View > Options - check "Wrap to window" or "Wrap to ruler" for each type (i.e text, rich text, word,write).

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