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Apps for hiding folders and files


Must be dreaming...
Any good apps that can hide folders and files from Windows and all other apps (even when the "Show hidden files and folders options" is ticked) and/or password protect them? Thanks.



Must be dreaming...
Originally posted by sboulema
hmm i think ragnarok is trying to hide his pr0n folder :p
No I ain't... :p

Originally posted by Enyo
Who are you wanting to hide files from? Other users or "outside" parties? Personelly i would recommend you use a encyption package to do it but you can get applications that run in the background and password protect folders. Of course and would be snooper why kill the process and open the folder.
Well, my originally intention was to hide files from other users, but now encryption does sound like a valid option because I have alot of sensitive information on this computer. But the hdd that the information is on isn't NTFS formatted, so using XP's internal encrytion is out of the question (until I get off my lazy a$$ and format it). lol :D

Thanks all though for your suggestions, and thanks sboulema for the comment. :p
More programs that would do the job would be appreciated.

(until I get off my lazy a$$ and format it)
not true. pm8 can convert your hdd from fat32 to ntfs, without the need to format :)

and watch out using the ntfs encryption. once you format you will not be able to access the data because the encryption key will be gone and all data will be lost

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