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Apply a home directory to an entire group?


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i have a group with about 1000 users, when they were generated they werent assigned a home directory,

my goal is to assign them a home directory (using the %username% variable of course) to the entire group.

thanks for your time!


Bow Down to the King
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If you highlight all the users you want, then right click and choose properties, you will be able to fill in certain fields using variables.

i.e. \\server\%username%$


Bow Down to the King
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What I normally do is create a shared directory for each user under another directory.

D:\Home Directories\matt$
D:\Home Directories\punk$

The directory 'matt' is shared out, privately. The same goes for 'punk'.

Then, I use '\\server\%username%$'.

Electronic Punk

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But if you created it my way with the permission on the folder being shared as creator/owner full control on anything created and modify for your users on that shared folder only it should autocreate those folders with teh correct permissions.

Just curious as that is how I do it, let it do it itself, was just making sure I hadn't missed something.


Bow Down to the King
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Honestly, that makes sense but I have never done it that way. I will give it a try on my next project because it would be easier.


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thanks for the quick responses!! in my case the folders are already generated and polices are set, just the home directory was not configured for all.

thanks this worked just as i expected!

Electronic Punk - glad to see your still around, (i remember u since xperience.org)

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