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Applications Installer check


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I know there are plenty of apps out there that help with the install/deinstall of applications/software. Are there any that will also show the dates/times of the initial installs (assuming of course the person has no idea of changing the date/time of PC prior to install)

I have a sneaking suspition my girlfriend loaded one of those tracker software things on my PC

I have ad-aware and spy hunter on my PC I also looked in the add/remove progs and saw nothing out of the ordinary

I ask because my PC was acting funny and when I did a ctrl+alt+delete,
I found a process called motivesb running...

Ideas comments? I hope Its just my Intel paranoia kicking in...

P.S. When I get back tonight I will post all my pictures from Baghdad...


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thanks Zombie, wierd I didnt find a link to this when I googled it...

anyway, how come I have never seen this before now? I never installed anything from AT&T before... wierd to say the least...

How about progs to look at ALL Progs/apps installed and WHEN they were installed??

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I take it that you are a bit concerned that someone is spying on you. If this is the case then you need to run the latest version of HijackThis. This will let you know what is being loaded and you can submit the text file it outputs to various experts on the web for analysis. Hope this helps?


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