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After installing INCD (which is working OK BTW), when switching between users I get the message "INCD cannot be launched, because other applications are running."
Now I guess this is because XP is trying to start a new instance of INCD for each user, when all that is needed is for it to be installed at startup (even before any user has logged in).
It's not on the startup list for each user, and I'm not too familiar with what gets started where and when in XP, so could somebody please give me an idea of how I can fix this? Thanks.

Shamus MacNoob

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8 Jan 2002
try this

Uninstall it, and when you go to reinstall place it in the shared documents folder this way it becomes shared and should not try to start on a simple log on new user good luck ;)


No luck

Thanks Kermit, but I tried this and still have the same problem.

I tried it twice, once simply choosing an install directory directly under Shared Documents, and another time under Start\Programs in the Shared Documents folder.

Any other suggestions anyone? There must be someone who can help.

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