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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

At one of my clients we are experiencing some extremely slow startup times, with really no rhyme or reason as to why. Task Manager doesn't really track anything that's taking up too many resources, with the exception of Symantec Client Security of course.

I have attempted to use Microsoft Bootvis, however I can't get any valuable information out of that... though I'm sure I'm using it incorrectly. I'm looking for some easy to use software, that will time everything that takes to boot up, will tell me how long applications take to load, and maybe will help me further determine what the primary culprit is.

Any ideas?
You've got it. Bootvis.
Tells where and how long each app is loading, HD utilization, driver load time (27 sec my case out of 108 seconds, rest of time is bloatware install.), etc.

I attached a screen shot of some of the data from my boot. Check the right options in the menu, like capture on next boot, and check all the options for things to save, then open the saved file after restart and view everything. you'll ned to stick it in a video viewer to make out the text of what is loading.


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LeeJend, I get screens like that (Though I'm usually checking off for more information for the scan on the left). I'm not quite following what I'm seeing though in your screenshot (or my data gather). I take it the most useful part of that screen is at the bottom?

My question, here is how I am interpreting it:

The bottom is what shows you how long it's taking everything to load. I take it the numbers on the bottom of the graph are seconds? Then you see the processes above that, is that how many seconds into the boot those processes are loaded?

Is there a way to see how long specifically applications take to start up? I would love to see something that says, "Symantec takes 22 seconds to startup", etc.
you need more than this - and some of it is easily illustrated by shutdown which will rely on XP settings like "WAITTOKILL" for how long they hold to let an App close down freely and not kill it - similar timings must apply for startup so it is never as simple as it looks (what is?) ... End of the day you may want to consider tailoring options for a stripped down bootup to make it faster - then take the hits when you start the required apps and associated services....

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