Apple Mac "crash differently"


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for some reason I remember having to press "Open Apple"+"Option"+"Reset" to turn the damned thing on... My memory sucks so I might be wrong...


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That was funny!! :D It certainly rang a few bells with me. :)

I started off using a Mac in the early 90's for graphic design (anyone remember Quark Xpress?).....back then they rocked In terms of GUI usability by comparison to the PC (Win 3.X Bleurgh!).

However I find it ironic how the Windows OS has gradually evolved into something the Mac should've been. Apple killed any hope of that with bad board room decisions, elitist values which has left only a specialist market inerested, & OS-X.

I now only use my Windows based PC, and my old non-upgradeable Apple LC630 (a whole 33MHz of raw power lol) sits idle & gathers dust.

As much as I dislike the idea of a Microsoft monopoly, their wares currently beat the Apple setup, which if you own a Mac is subject to a relative hardware/OS monopoly too.

I'm even boring myself with my ramblings now, so i'll leave it there. Just thought i'd share ;)


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As I have been seeing and hearing, the Mac is getting much better and OS 10 is soppose to be really good. I accually had a big fight with one of my friends about this, it kinda pissed me off cause i hate macs so much. I guess, maybe [just maybe] one of these days i'll get one and see how they have inproved but that will only be when Microsoft stops making Windows. LoL [If you think, since I have a PC, that I havent had the chance to use a Mac, when I was in elementary school all they had were macs!]

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