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app to create a single CD/DVD with multiple installers on it from other CD's


The One and Only
Ok... i know i've seen this kind of app... just never downloaded it when i saw it cause i couldn't think of why i would need it (though the moderately large stack of bundle cd's from hardware, driver discs, other software, etc.. should have been a hint). Would like to make a single DVD..... or 2.... of installers copied from my CD's with a nice little interface to install with, kinda like the Norton System Works kinda interfaces.


The One and Only
ya, i kinda figured that would work, but i'm pretty sure i saw an app one day that was pretty much automatic. made it almost as easy as if you were using Nero.


The One and Only
NetRyder... what about running an autorun kinda thing from the front-end autorun? Like for my GigaByte Motherboard's driver install CD, it opens up another thing that allows you to install each driver and piece of software separately, or you can install all the drivers with a few clicks, and it automatically restarts when needed. Would i just have the autorun i try to make for the CD/DVD run the autorun for the driver disc?

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