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Aperture size


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does the aperture size need to be the same as the amount of memory your graphics card has...just wondering what to change it to in my bios
a good number seems to be 128MB Aperture Size for all cards with 64 MB to 256 MB Video RAM.
It seems to me though, if the texture memory on the card runs out and you have lots of RAM it couldn't hurt putting it up to 256mb. However if the textues start going to the RAM its going to get pretty slow, but I guess it can't be helped if the VRAM is full. Better than paging textures to the disk I guess.



The Donger Need Food!!!!
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ok cool...I have plenty of ram on my card(see sig) I'm just wondering cause the suggested bios settings in the manual with my card but they seem to be more for the FX Nvidia cards and I have the 6800GT

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