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APB (Alll Points Bulletin) - where the heck is Smokie???


I am so sorry I went to the Smokies (Smokey Mountains in Tennessee) for a short - but very much needed get away and now that I am back - Smokie is gone - somewhere - I am sure he knows where he is at and it seems like he said something about going back "downunder" for a visit - but I am a bit lost without my good old bald headed buddy!

Then things are really complicated with Jewelzz's BIG 40 (I believe it is) coming up in a few days and Smokie is not here to help me make sure she never lives it down. :eek:

Could someone please help me out???

<If anyone tells Smokie I missed him and his joviality - I'll, ------ well, ----- I'll admit to it!>:D :D


It seems like this old man remembers this post:

Originally posted by damnyank
And you are the BIG 40 on 11/26 if memory serves me correctly!

And U replied!
You got it! Don't forget to get me a present
:D :D :D :D


Jewelzz - I have to go nighty night - as I have to go to work in about 5 hours - so I will have to quit buggin ya - but I will be the first to wish ya a happy - even if it is four days early - and you will find out that four oh is really not a big deal !:D :D :D

<dy thinks - dang that Jewellz is pretty clever showing her birthday as Oct 22 in her profile - I'll bet that was changed on Oct 23rd>


A Proud Australian
Hahahaha...you aint that lucky Damnyank, I am still here and watching you. It touches me right...right..ok so I haven't got a heart, that you missed your good looking mate.. You need to aim better next time then. :eek:

I have been a bit busy of late, what with being a mod on another forum that a certain member of this forum started but I won't mention xsivforce's name..no-one will make me say who that person is, really i wont Xsivforce.. :D

Also been busy getting paper work ready and going to the Oz embassy here so my wife can to move back to Austalia with me for good.

Past the first interview ok but of course there are more forms to fill in and more forms to get from Oz, so the drama continues but all seems to be going alright at the moment.

I am not going back to Oz for a holiday until Feb next year, so you wont be let off that easy. :p

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All good still mate?
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