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28 Mar 2004
:) Hi,

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have been on the ntfs site before but had to re-register.

My quesion is over apache, I'm not sure exactly what is is, but I want to know if I can use it to share files with close mates and allow them access to my files?

If not does anyone know how i can do this, securely and also a program that looks after the download should the download die?

Thanks in advance

if u just want to set up an FTP server...there are easier more user friendly solutions than apache

go to www.webattack.com and look at the different ftp servers they have to download
BulletProof FTP Server and Serv-U are two popular Windows FTP servers.
Apache is a nice HTML web server if your wondering. Though to serve web sites it's best used in Linux not windows, allthough it can work well with windows.

FTP is your best bet for sharing files.

More information about apache can be found at www.apache.org.

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