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Apache .htaccess and .htpasswd Error


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I have been using apache for a while now, both locally and on a server I owe with a friend. Locally on my network, I can get .htaccess and .htpasswd to work (I have apache on a networked win nt 4 server computer) But when I try to get it to work on my server on the web I can't. It seems that I can't figure out the path the the password file on the server, since it's running Linux I believe and it's got the weird /home and stuff. My .htaccess file is:

AuthUserFile /home/dan/public_html/download/.htpasswd
AuthName "Daniel's Private Files - lieb39 access only"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user
And my .htpasswd file is just the username and password encoded in md5 (or whatever, not sure of the exalt type of protection)

Now, when I am in WS_FTP and I log onto the server and into the directory I want to password protect WS_FTP locates it as: " /home/dan/public_html/download/ " So I assume the password file is located in " /home/dan/public_html/download/.htpasswd " as my password file is called " .htpasswd ".

For some reason, I get the password prompt but no matter what, I can't get it. It says my password and/or username is wrong.

Just for your infomation my website I am trying to password protect is located here.

Please help!


if you are putting it in your home directory or a path within your home then you can use


the ~ directs it to your home dir
if you can SSH or something then type pwd and use that path

pwd gives you the present working directory

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