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apache 2 conf file --- plz

can someone just upload me their apache2 configuration file....not the default one b/c that one takes like a hour to change all the stuff.... so i would appreciate it if you could just send me urs and i can change all the server names and junk myself ... :)
somethign went wrong with it after i installed my new RMA mobo this morning. then i went to dydns.org to update my host (b/c obviously my IP has been changed) and now my config file is all messed up. plz plz plz can someone post it here...... i remember mine was already kinda premade when i downloaded it from some third party site not apaches.... i rmemeber it had dev side or something written on the top?
wlel i found it on the devside site.... its still not working. i have no clue whats the problem! i know it has to do with my IP being changed after the mobo installation..


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My config file is not going to help you. Read the apache documentation, there whould still be a default one somewhere on your PC to hack up.
:::edit:::: the sites up but it seems i can't connect to my ftp. and i know theres something wrong b/c blogger cannot write to my site?? any ideas why ftps down??
OK so my question is how the heck was i able to use my apache as a ftp server??? is that even possible? i had an ftp username and password, all i need to knwo is where i can make one again b/c im basically starting all over...
apache is a webserver not an ftp server

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prodj88 said:
i think i defied gravity or something b/c i made it one
No you didn't.
Come on now, you haven't told us anything. What system are you running this on? Window? Linux? What are the error messages when Apache starts/tries to start if any? If you had ftp, you were running an aditional ftp server. That's it.

And what's weird about that screenshot? Except for "dydns.org" instead of "dyndns.org" that is...
okay well first of all i didn't use any other server. (well now im using serv-u) but at the time i had apache as my server somehow, i set it up in some config file with my username andp assword and it worked like that .and the website thing was weird b/c my cousin said that wasn't a valid site or something but when i opened it by mistake it displayed my localhost/webserver which was really weird.

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