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AOPEN 56 Speed CD ROM runs at 6 speed ?


NTFS Stoner
I Just got the latest Aopen 56 speed CD ROM drive to replace an aging 40 speed i have.

Benchmarking on SiSoft the drive runs a max of 6 speed.
I have no idea why. Its got a jumper on the back to enable/disable UDMA 33. This makes no diffrence to the speeds :(

The old 40 speed & DVD & CDRW all hammer away near there top speeds but not this drive.

Do i have a faulty one ?

So far i have tried running this in all modes but nuttin :(.


hardware monkey
yeah, i'd try to get a replacement. can't think of any reason why that would happen.

or stick with the 40x... that's fast enough, imo.


NTFS Stoner
just seen your post. SiSoft wanted a large file on a cd so i had to use an old 1 i had..

I'm at work now and the CD runs fine. :(

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