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after tryin aol's "tech help" i'm still buggered. all they said woz ring us. so i thought i'd try u guys:D

if i open aol on my screen name (the program not conect) i get a message about a problem + that aol will atemp a recovery. it don't specifiy wot problem jus there is 1. if i open on any 1 else's screen nmae all is fine:( when i looked @ start>>progarams>>aol>>system info + clicked status (were it stores all info bout disconections etc) it says:

unable to load object 1
in the list underneith object 1 is manager.dll 0001:0000cbfb

also all my favorites have gone + i can't add any more, the same with my pfc:(

it all hapened after i woz loadin a game + it crashed 4 some reason

(p.s the game is great!!, men in black 2 on shockwave under 3d games)

i've looked @the outher screen names + there all fine +intact it's jus my 1:mad:

any help please guy's? i won't b able 2 come back on here til 2 morrow as i'm goin 2 get pissed:D


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This rambling nonsense sponsered by Sooprmncntwlk :D


Nice to see the mature members of the forum being as helpful as ever :p

Try deleting global.org from out of your AOL directory and rebooting - may fix it, may not, you never know with AOL.


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try this - open this folder - C:\Program Files\AOL 7.0\organize & delete the files of the affected user - reboot -


Secret Goat Fetish
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thanx 4 the decent reply TwoZigzagColt45 + avsdotcom. were can i find the global.org thing?,

also if i delete all my files surly that means i'm totaly wiped my adress + from the computer?

maybe as a last ditch atempt...............


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aol is the only 1!!!!!! it's not that bad, i dunno what problems people have in the usa but all americans seen 2 hate it:confused:


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<<< noticed this phenomenalism, maybe one of our cousins from across the pond can shed some light on the matter.
Why is it that when you talk to God it's called "prayer," but when God talks to you it's called "schizophrenia?
Everybody wants to go heaven but nobody wants to die !!


Secret Goat Fetish
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yeah come on guys 156 views + 11 coments:mad: let's get some feedback... preflibly bout the original problem, but i'm also intrested in the american aol hate campaighn


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AOL is quite a complex piece of sofware from time to time things do wrong with it, best advice is really is to uninstall AOL - reinstall


get Freeserve, £1 cheaper aswell. heh

5 min registering and get online straight after registration !!!


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depends on the service - if you have the full unlimited account, you do - unless they've changed it in the last 6 x months.

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