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aol mail



when i get a email from outlook with a picture inserted in there email the picture dosent show up in my aol mail when i open it ,is there a setting to change that. thanks for any replys.


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i'm not sure..i got aol + it does work well,when it works. i can stay on hours @ a time with no disconections all for a flat r8 fee. i never use outlook,only aol + hotmail:p


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Adding a photo to your mail allows you to instantly share special events with loved ones, or simply illustrate your point.

With AOL 4.0i or above, you can insert photos directly into your email - either as a standalone picture, or even as a background!

Click on the button that has a picture of a camera on it. This is found on the toolbar above the message window on your email form. (See the illustration to the right). Here you'll find options to insert a picture, or insert a picture as a background image.

There are other easy ways of inserting images into your emails too.

Click on the "File" menu, and choose "Open Picture Gallery ...". This will show you small Thumbnail images of pictures on your hard drive. Click on one of these, and the picture will open up at full size. Then you can simply click your mouse on the picture, and holding the mouse button down, drag the picture into the message window on your email. Release the button, and the picture will be inserted into your email!



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Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
AOL mail doenst allow this, because AOL sucks!
Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
AOL still sucks!
so you don't like AOL

is there anything in particular you don't like ??


I've been using AOL since version 4
the only one to give me any problems is version 7
AOL 8 is the best version yet

as for tech support it depends when you ring and who picks up the phone some are good some are bad you just here more about the bad ones

AOL is best 56k ISP in the UK by far
sad but true

i have AOL as well and i'm on dial up. i would have broadband but i live in the middle of nowhere! now that i'm running XP i NEVER get kicked offline. seems on my old computer with ME i was getting kicked offline, run dll errors, programs not responding and lockups all the time. i'm happy now.
:( AOL is most likely the best 56k dial up service. Good old dial up.
I just don't like AOL that much, because I sit back and remember how slooowww...

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