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AOL Instant Messenger


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Hey guys,

I've been having problems with AOL Instant Messenger lately. See I really want to upgrade to the latest release of AIM before Triton came out. The issue though is that I really enjoy using DeadAIM, and they haven't upgraded for quite a few versions before the latest. Just some features I want in the latest such as the ability to use Super Buddies. I really love the tabbed browsing though.

Now I was also trying to put AIM Triton onto my desktop computer, however whenever the download launcher plays it tells me that my internet has been disconnected and the file cannot be downloaded. Error 1003. I don't know why it's saying this, I have a steady internet connection and nothing that should be stopping that... but this is what is happening.

So, I guess these are my questions:

1) Know how I can get the files to fully install Triton?
2) Know of any program out there that was like DeadAIM, gives me tabbed browsing and a lot of good options, but will work with the latest release of AIM before Triton?



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when you say Triton and then DeadAim and tabbed browsing.... I get confused...

is Triton a browser? Or is DeadAIM an integrated browser and AIM thinger? All I have to add beyond those two questions is that if you should wish to give Gaim a try that gives you tabbed message windows for AIM (alongside a whole set of other supported protocols. GAIM works pretty well, but make sure you get the latest release (and yeah you can get it for XP as well as Linux, but I have to admit it is more flakey under XP)...

Hope this helps


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Aim Triton is the new aim they came out with mainframe. I could never get it to work on my system. It would just sit at connecting for hours.

Punkrulz. The best thing to do is not use an aim client, it is nothing but a virus. I would suggest using trillian instead.


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AIM Triton looks nice, but doesn't run nice. It takes up a lot of resources and requires at least three different processes to run. It is also bundled with a lot of unneeded bloat and it doesn't allow you to deselect any of it. Triton is simply a bad attempt for AOL.

Once again, I will point out that versions of AIM older than 5.2 (maybe newer) will not allow you to connect to the AIM server. And I've heard rumors that pretty soon only Triton will be able to connect.

So until they fix the issues that Triton obviously has and you want tabbed IM's, the ability to connect to multiple protocols, and ad free messaging I recommend Gaim (which is your streamlined IM client) or the one mentioned above Trillian (which has much more functionality).


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Sorry, I didn't mean tabbed browsing, I'm used to talking about Firefox lol. I did mean tabbed messages. See the problem that worries me about GAIM is that I still won't get some of the functionality that I will get with newer versions of AIM, such as the usage of superbuddies which really can brighten up my day. I was looking for a program that worked sort of like DeadAIM that was an overlay of aim basically. I may be mistaken, but GAIM can't do direct connect with buddies on AIM can it? Trillian I was never that much of a fan of.


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Gaim is very basic. But it doesn't have Direct Connect.

I haven't used the AIM client in quite some time, but I remember using DeadAIM and AIM+, which you might want to search for next.

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