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AOL Instant Messenger is hacked


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Three 17-year-olds take credit for inserting pornographic images into America Online's widely used chat service.

April 27, 2002 | Users of the latest version of AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) software started encountering an unpleasant surprise on Saturday morning: At least three crackers -- malicious hackers -- began inserting pornographic images into "AIM Today" and vandalizing content on at least four screens of the chat software.

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Ah yes, but this wasn't AOhell, this was AIM, the one piece of software that AOL makes that except for a few memory bugs works generally well and is free to boot!

besides who the hell uses the today window anyway? it's always the first thing I uncheck after instlaling AIM or TRillian.


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no i was serious

no man i was serious cuz i wanted to see what they did to the screen! ohh and by the way is it still like that?

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