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Aol dial up networking

I am on Aol broadband and i would like to know if anyone currently knows how to get the dial up networking computers in the system tray, so it tells me how long ive been online and how many bytes been receieved and sent etc, im using windows Xp pro edition

Any help would be appriciated :)


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Control Panel->Network Connections. Under LAN or High-Speed Internet, find the NIC card connected to the DSL modem. Right click it and select Properties. Check the box "Show Icon In Notfication Area". Click OK and you're done :D

the only network connection that is available is AOL dialup and when im on the internet it says disconnected or not connected, so it doesnt come up in the sytem tray as its not connected, any ideas mate?


You said you were on AOL broadband. Dialup is not a broadband connection. If your modem connection status isn't coming up, try going through the connection properties and look for a show/hide connection status.
on my high speed internet or LAN it connects using my ethernet card, i want it to connect using my alcatel ADSL modem, how do i change it? the only button there is says configure which takes me to configure the Ethernet card, any help peeps? :)


What is the problem. If the modem is USB it is not connecting via ethernet. If it is an ethernet/USB modem combo and it is currently plugged in to your network card, then do the following: 1) unplug the ethernet cable from the modem. 2) plug in the USB cable. 3) run the setup utility. It's as simple as that.

If you have internet service and the modem is connected to your computer via ethernet cable, and your connection is through your network card, you're still connecting through the modem.

Please realize there is a rather large difference in speed and processor utilization between USB and ethernet with a cable-modem, as well. Perhaps you could receive more help if you said why you're trying to do this??
im on AOL DSL and want the dialup computers in the system tray to show how long ive been online and how many bytes have been sent and recieved etc, on my network places i have high speed internet or LAN which connects via my ethernet card, i want it to connect via my USB alcatel modem but dont know how to do this :( i dont even use my ethernet card so any help would be good :)


Okay, maybe it's because I haven't had enough coffee yet but I still have no clue what all you're talking about. The icon is easy, and others have explained how to do this, but here goes anyway:
  1. Right-click My Network Places
  2. Right click "Local Area Connection" or "High-speed Internet" or whatever it's called and choose properties
  3. Check the box next to "Show icon in notification area when connected"
  4. Hit OK
    Now, answer these questions. Are you trying to network more than one computer? Is your DSL modem plugged in via ethernet or via USB? To find this out, I want you to sit down and look at the actual DSL modem, and tell me if it has a USB cable coming out of it, or an ethernet cable coming out of it. If it has a USB cable, then it already is connected via USB. It is still going to show up in your Network Connections though. Once you answer those I may be able to help you more.
no im not trying to network two computers together, im trying to get the dialup networking computers in the system tray , the ones that tell you how long uve been online and how many bytes have been sent and receieved, my DSL modem is connected via USB. On my LAN or high speed internet connection it is connected via my ethernet card which i dont use. I am trying to get the LAN or high speed internet connection to connect via my USB Alcatel Dsl modem, where is a picture of the LAN or high speed internet connection.

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