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aol and IE problem


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i am trying to help my dad fix his computer. he can no longer get browse web sites with IE, he can only use AOL to get online. he was using both fine up until a day or two ago. i tried renewing is LAN to no avail. he can't get yahoo messenger to work either. the only way he can get online is with aol. any ideas?

he is using XP Home.


Do system file checker first.
If no joy go to control panel >internet options>connections and make sure that settings on your connections tabs aint been changed.
Also if you're using xp sp1 or sp1a click control panel>add remove porgrams and then the icon on the bottom which sets the access defaults, just set em to microsoft appz as defaults and allow access to the other appz you use. When you got everything working you can always change the defaults back to the media player you wish to use, the browser you wish to use the instant messenger you wish to use etc...

I sometimes do have this problem with a.o.l., this is what I do to stop this problem.

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