AOL 9 Officially Released.

i agree with 2Z's we have both avtuly used new versions of Aol, unlike most people :p
To respect the wishes of the original poster, let's try to keep this thread free from the "AOL sucks" posts from now on, please. I'm sure everyone here can participate in a more mature discussion.
thank you for stepping in NetRyder :D

on topic

not so long ago I did see all versions of AOL available for download on one of the file sharing networks
cant for the life of me remember where it was :(
I'll post it here if I come across it again

Lee said:
AOL 9 is off beta and final now.

If you use aol check messages or sign on screen.

I will hunt direct download links for UK and USA, if you find them before me please post em.

AND no lame comments about I blah blah AOL, this thread is not for bashing AOL.

Did you lamers actualy read this above? You want to start an AOL bashing thread go do it.
I hold my hands up as an AOL user - its a free world!!

At the moment I'm on narrowband and have a couple of computers I use at home on line, but not at the same time so there is no network to worry about. The only problem is if I am at a friend's house and try to sign on AOL, I have to phone my daughter at home to sign off, as it will not let both of us on at the same time (same account - different screen names).

The question is, if I sign on to Broadband and use a wireless router, will AOL let both house computers sign on to AOL at the same time via different screen names, or will computer 'B' have to access the internet via computer 'A' (confused?, I am).

Thanking you in anticipation.....
Is there anyway of me using AOL software to access the net without paying subscription fees to them (coz I've already got BB with Pipex)?
ming said:
Is there anyway of me using AOL software to access the net without paying subscription fees to them (coz I've already got BB with Pipex)?
Nope have to pay them fees but would be much less if you "bring your own ISP" and just use there software to connect ... something like $5 instead of $20+ they charge ... I know those #'s are off but havn't touched AOL in yrs :)

-Edit- family still does for some reason or another ... so I do tech support sometimes ...
Like i said in a earlier post wasnt aol 9.0 already final? Cause i am using 9.0 optimized right now and i have had it for awhile. Unless u r talkin bout the Tahiti or whatever?
Ahh. I can get boxes of AOL 9 Cds from work. :p
Have to dish them around the store ready for customers to pick on up.
Most likely he's referring to Tahiti... Tahiti supposedly adds a fair number of new features like live video IM's among other things... I have 2 roommates who use AOL... Actually used it on broadband for a few years, though not as an ISP. In all honesty, it's not a bad way to find people to talk to quickly and easily. I met quite a few people in my area because of it, but I just got tired of paying the monthly charges, so I used it up until they cancelled me for non-payment. Now I get letters from their collections department saying I owe them $50-something and I need to pay it to clear my name from their bad debt records or something. Right. Like they'll ever actually get it from me.
The best way to get free aol is order it for like a month then say that u r gonna switch services and they will be like we will give u 3 months for free if u stay with us. LOL it works...:)
Even though I see on login page aol 9, doesn't mention beta atall. I'm still getting e-mail asking me to try beta's of aol still. New builds upon new builds. Gee I wish they would release it when it's finished.
yeah the new builds r for aol tahiti or w/e. I get those all the time cause i signed up for it and i get cds in the mail from time to time. I guess the tahiti is suppose to be a cheaper version of aol.

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