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Aol 8.0 crashing XP pro



I upgraded to aol 8.0 and it keeps crashing my system into rebooting. Is there anything to do to stop this? any one having this problem? I just restored my pc today and install 8.0 and the same crap happens.

I click on icon to start aol it loads it crashes. And aol techs don't know there ass from a hole in the ground. mad:

Im on a

AMD Athlon 1.5 ghz
geforce Ti 4600
640 mb ram:


OSNN Gamer
Hi Lestat077

welcome to XP-erience

does AOL 7 work ???

this is more than likely a driver issue modem or sound

somehow you need to download the latest drivers

onboard software modems are usually the biggest culprits



Aol 7.0 works fine
I have all the lastest drivers for all my hardware.
I uninstalled 8.0 and went back to 7.0 thats how I got online in the 1st place :D.
But I have install 8.0 again after my 1st post and im still not getting any where. I don't think its a modem issue

my aol 8.0 crashes on the loading. its gets to 100% then it crashes when it starts to go to log on screen and my system reboots
thxs for reply


NTFS Junkie
What version of AOL are you using, the US version or UK? I am using aol 8 us and am having no problems, but I tried the uk version of aol and had problems


OSNN Gamer
I've been using AOL since version 4

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that AOL 7 is the buggiest piece of you know what ever to reside on my machine

AOL 8 is the best yet IMHO

:p :p :p :p

I still think its driver related
or maybe a corrupt version of AOL
mmmm highly unlikely



OSNN Gamer
AOL 8 america is a GM version (golden master)

AOL 8 uk is a beta version

but it still shouldn't be crashing your machine


aol 8 is kinda bad for me aswell. i keep getting speed below 40kb/sec now. on 7 i was getting 90+. damn try to use 7.0 it should still be installed/


screw 8.0 i'm getting 94kb/sec using aol 7.0

maybe i should see if there's a bit more updated version of 8 out there?


Are people still using AOL. I thought everybody had wised up by now.

Anyway, Never ever upgrade AOL as soon as they come out with a new version. Wait at least 6 months to 1 year. They should get the bugs out by then. I have seen every new version of AOL screw up so many peoples computers it's not funny.

Good Luck



stealer. if u dont know what you are talking about dont say nothing. aol is pretty fune program. so what that it has couple bug? you using windows? that thing got even more bugs


You say I don't know what I am talking about. That's a good one. For the last 3 years I have done onsite warranty work for stores like BEST BUY, Office max, etc, etc. I would usually do about 100 calls a month. I saw more computers with AOL on them in a year than you will see in your whole life. When I say that it screws up LOTS of people computers I do know what I am talking about.
Have fun

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Lestat077 here is what you first need to do. Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings. Turn off auto restart. Now when you try & load AOL you will get an error box popping up. Let us know what the error is.


never yet i have seen it screw up a whole computer. been using it my self for about 3 years. so do my friends. every thing is allright. except that my aol 8.0 is extremely slow. that's about it


Aol 8.0

I have been using aol 8.0 usa for ages never had any problems,

Aol 8.0 connects faster and also has auto reconnect if the connection fails which is a huge improvement.

Maybe its a hardware malfunction, i think it is the best aol ever !
Both you, poolmanmichael and mafia, you're both insane.


You don't know what AOL can do to a machine. Especially one running Win 98.


As a member of the Anti-AOL coalition, I can be of absolutely zero assistance except to say get rid of AOL, format your computer and start over with a new (better and cheaper) ISP.



OSNN Gamer

the choice of ISPs' in the UK is quite poor and broadband still isn't available to most parts of the country
so called unlimited access among all the major UK ISPs' reserve the right to boot you every few hours

except 1

& thats AOL :eek:

AOL software is just like any other complex software
its either going to work well or not work at all
( modem driver conflicts are a common problem )

I've been lucky so far AOL has never let me down

& thats going back to the days of me P166 win98 & AOL4

if there was a better alternative I would use it but there's not :(


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