Anyway to change the Location where User Profiles are stored?



Default is in the Documents & Setting folder on the C:\ drive. Id like to switch that over to a different drive. Is there anyway to go about doing this? THere must be!
ANyhelp would be great! Thanks@!!
As far as i am aware NO ....

They are the core , its like taking Program files Directory and putting it on another drive :(
You can move single user profiles to different locations.
I'm not sure if you need to have XP Pro for that but anyway this is the way of doing it.
Open *Administrative Tools*/*Computer Management*
Expand the *Users* tree till you reach the accounts list on the right pane.
Right click a user account to view its properties.
In the *Profile* tab just type the location where you want to store user data [X:\folder\subfolder] in the *Home Directory* textbox.
The new path will be operational at next logon.

The *Documents and Settings* folder needs to be there anyway for the default user profile, you can't move that.
You CAN do it, I just don't know how :p

There would probably be a few variabled to change here and there - probably best looking for a program to do it.

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