anything see anything wierd aout this?

nah, that happens sometimes i've noticed, especially if you've opened some type of slip driver or extra PPP connection like opening aol using BYOA

just goto a dos prompt and type ipconfig /all and you'll get the correct info
Info will most likely be the same. This is perfectly normal.

What is happening is that your ISP is subnetting their network. They are using 22 bits for their subnet mask instead of the default masks. This enables them to control how many hosts are on each network.

A 22 bit mask allows for 1022 hosts (IP addresses per network)
Default class A 16777214 hosts
Default class B 65534 hosts
Default class C 254 hosts

Hard to tell what class you're using since you masked you IP. But the default ranges are the following numbers in the first octect:

Class A 1-127
Class B 128-191
Class C 192-223
relder thanks for the info

My ISP uses and i couldnt work out why

Great explanation
Don't know how your ISP is working with a (32 bit) subnet mask. This is for multicasting and does not establish a network ID.

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