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27 Feb 2004
My girlfriend has a page with little blond dolls on it (the lil drawings) and she wants to be able to click on them and enlarge them on her website, i was wondering if there is anything easier than making an individual webpage for each and every picture, maybe something along the lines of how attachments are enlarged here?
Hrm, the same old pictures that i have floating around some place as well.

Best you could do it just link them to the origional picture, and is by far easier tahn making a new page for each picture.
<A HREF="'pictureNN.jpg', '', 'width=100, height=300')">Image here</A>

That would work. Just replace pictureNN.jpg with the correct picture and adjust width and height to match the size of the image.
hmmmm, its for geocities, and can i make the picture bigger, not the window?
Do you want to dynamically make the picture bigger? Or do you want to display a bigger version of the picture?

Your answer to these questions will create more questions but we will begin moving in the right direction.
Vetrius said:
hmmmm, its for geocities, and can i make the picture bigger, not the window?
Umm... The picture will be the size it is. You don't want to zoom an image anyway, it will just look crappy. So use smaller images for the thumbnails and larger images for the popups.

Geocities doesn't matter. :) This is just Javascript.

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